Hawaii Files Photo of the Day

TOD Development along Makaloa Street

Welcome to the Hawaii Files Photo of the Day page. This page archives to all of the posts that appear under the category of “Photo of the Day”. It is hoped that most of the photos featured in this section will be new and unique to the day and month posted. However since we have so many great Hawaii photos from many years past, some of those photos will probably make it here as part of the ongoing archive.

The Hawaii Files Photo of the Day will be a daily feature happening during the months of August, December and March. Each of those months have 31 days, which means at least 31 photos per month. Occasional Photos of the Day will appear at various other months of the year. The Hawaii Files Photo of the Day started on August 1, 2022.

All photos are taken by Melvin Ah Ching, editor, publisher and photographer of this blog. A variety of cameras are used to take these photos ranging from traditional film cameras to a number of digital models and devices (phones). In the end, the camera does not matter. It is only the image that counts.

All photos appearing on this page and elsewhere on this blog, are copyrighted to Melvin Ah Ching unless indicated.



Foodland BBQ Teri Chicken Bento

Shingon Mission of Hawaii Bon Dance