About The Hawaii Files

The Hawaii Files is a website and blog published by Melvin Ah Ching Productions. This blog site is a continuation of the original Hawaii Files Weblog which was published on Blogspot from 2006 to 2014.  Over the years, the original blog covered subjects ranging from news and politics to transportation, the economy, technology and entertainment. This blog continued in that coverage until June 2016 when it was taken down after a data hack.

Today the blog returns as a reboot focusing on photography, commentary, information, features and reflections of days gone by. Melvin Ah Ching continues to be the publisher, editor, writer, researcher, compiler and maintainer of The Hawaii Files.

The Hawaii Files is also the blog for the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide and Honokaa Hawaii USA websites.

Readers should note that linked content may not work for older posts on this blog as well as on our archived site.

If you would like to comment or be a volunteer contributor to this blog contact the publisher via voice mail or text at 801-810-7135 or by email at hawaii@macprohawaii.com.

This blog accepts press releases of upcoming events and news from Hawaii organizations and individuals.

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Privacy Notice: I do not actively collect personal information here beyond what the automated WordPress set up does, if any. I don’t understand it all, but beyond an occasional Google ad or a self made banner promoting my other websites, I don’t do much else. No selling at this time, and certainly no selling to anyone outside of the United States. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t have much else to say about this. Perhaps I may find a privacy template and just post it here.

Thanks. MEL – Publisher and Editor of The Hawaii Files