Monday Morning Downtown

The Hawaii Theater Panorama 1

August 15, 2022: Hawaii Files Photos of the Day

Fort Street Mall McDonald's, Honolulu

Spent the morning in the Downtown Honolulu area for the purpose of running an errand to pick up a package the U.S. Post Office. Before going there, I took a short photo walk down the street through the Fort Street Mall area, down to Bethel and Hotel Streets, ending up later in Chinatown.

One thing that was noticeable for a Monday morning (around 8:00 am) the lack of bustle in the financial district. Are there not the same amount of workers employed in the downtown area as it was years before the pandemic hit? Inoticed earlier this year when I took a few lunch break walks from my temporary job, that the downtown area lacked people. Perhaps many employees are working at home, or they have chosen not to come back. The COVID-19 pandemic have changed things.

For this particular segment of the walk, I focused mostly on the historic Hawaii Theater. Since it opened more than 10 years ago as a fine and performance arts venue, I have never been inside it. Most of the events cost a lot of money to attend. Despite that I have taken many exterior shots of the place. Today was the first that I did with a few panoramic pictures done with my trusty Google Pixel 4a smartphone. All photos taken August 15, 2022.

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Left: Fort Street Mall McDonald’s – Below: Parking at Mark’s Garage (green building) – Bottom: Panoramic shot of The Hawaii Theater corner, Pauahi and Bethel Streets. (Photo of the Day)


Parking at Mark's Garage, Downtown Honolulu

The Hawaii Theater Panorama 2

Above: Hawaii. Theater panoramic – August 15 Photo of the Day – Taken with Google Pixel 4a smartphone camera.



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