Photo of the Day: Waikiki Beach 2007

Waikiki November 2007
Since this photo was taken back in 2007, not too much has changed at this location.

Photo of the Day – August 4, 2022.

Today’s Photo of the Day takes us back to November 2007, which is not too long ago… only 16 years ago. Looking at Waikiki Beach here, not much has changed since this photo was snapped. I took this while testing out my then “new”, used Yashica Electro 35 camera that I had recently bought in 2007. I still have the camera today and am currently running a roll of film through it.

The photo was taken with the Electro 35 using Kodak 400 CN ISO black and white film that could be processed with C-41 chemicals. The film is no longer made.

There are a few retailers that still process film. In Honolulu, my go to place is Rainbow Photo Video, which is close to my residence.

Their store location is at 661 Keeaumoku St., Suite 101A, ground level. The shop is located across from WalMart in Honolulu. They specialize in film processing, printing, scanning , video transfers, passport photos and more. They also sell film (35mm and 120mm) as well as pre-owned, classic film cameras.

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