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The island of Oahu has the biggest population in the state, so naturally it has the most radio stations on the dial. Most of them are located in Honolulu. Oahu’s radio stations are receivable from most points on the island as well as through Oceanic Cable’s digital service. Neighbor island stations can also be received from some Oahu locations.

Home page links are highlighted where applicable by clicking on the station’s call letters.

The new frontier in radio is digital. Hawaii is supposed to be getting several new digital stations from Clear Channel and other conglomerates in the near future. Satellite radio, while commonplace in the mainland, is generally not available unless you have satellite TV service.

Low Power FM station under 100 watts are indicated by: (LP)

Several Honolulu radio stations broadcast in HD Digital Radio, which requires an HD digital receiver.

Streaming: Hawaii radio stations that stream can be found at Tune In Radio, Apple’s iTunes and I Heart Radio. Station stream links can also be found on local station websites (for those that offer streaming). Mobile apps for iOS, Android and other platforms may also be available for streaming. Time Warner / Oceanic Cable also offer Hawaii radio stations as part of their Music Choice package for a fee.

Oahu Radio Dial