Friday’s Flower Photo – Bouganvilia

Friday Flowers Photo - August 5, 2022.
Bougainvillea is a very common, decorative shrub used all over Hawaii.

Hawaii Files Photo of the Day

AUGUST 5, 2022: Very common to all islands of Hawaii, colorful bougainvillea flowers grow on thorny shrubs that people and businesses use for decorative purposes. The plant is non-native to Hawaii, as are many. They can grow into great big tree like bushes, or with proper maintenance, can be pruned and cut to keep a shape and size. They are very hardy plants, and come in many colors, the most common being pink/magenta, white and red. Just remember the shrubs are covered with thorns so you have to be careful when you are around these plants.

Photo taken with Google Pixel 4a smartphone, May 2022.



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