Throwback Thursday: Waipahu Sugar Mill, 1992

Waipahu Sugar Mill - 1992
The smokestack having a smoke back in 1992.

Way back in 1992 I drove through Waipahu on the island of Oahu. I had my trusty old Minolta 35mm SLR camera with me. I stopped by to snap a few photos of the  Waipahu Sugar Mill and the old Arakawas store that had closed several months before these pictures were shot.

I recently found the pictures again on my Google Photos and decided to use these to make this new post. I am hardly aware of the history behind Waipahu nor the Sugar Mill and the Arakawas store that used to be there.

The sugar mill and its smokestack is a longtime landmark in Waipahu. The sugar mill was built 1897 and is still there today. Sugar operations ended in 1995. The facility was converted into the Leeward YMCA 2004.

The lead photo at the very top of this post has been pilfered by internet users. The copyright belongs to me so anyone using any of these photos for commercial purposes are prohibited from doing so unless they get my permission.

Waipahu 1992
The street below the sugar mill.



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