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Our new Volcano Eruption YouTube Channel 2020-2021. Will be updated as video items are uploaded by various agencies, news organizations and video producers.

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The East Rift Zone volcano eruption continues to inundate the lower Puna community. Use this page as a resource to various links on the volcano eruption in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Volcano Watch video playlist on  The Hawaii Files Channel at YouTube is a growing library of videos from local, national and international sources. It gives you a varying perspective of the eruption from the eyes of individuals, organizations, local, state, national and world news media. As such local videos will probably be the most accurate, while those from sources outside of Hawaii should be considered “secondary”.

For this reason have excluded many videos from questionable sources or publishers just repeating content from the local feeds, unless they are one of the major TV networks or publishing organizations. Many of the volcano videos out there are sensational or alarmist in nature with questionable content.

Furthermore, we have provided a quick list of links to the most pertinent information as well as to selected videographers.

Informative Links for Up To Date News

Hawaii Volcano Observatory (USGS)
USGS: East Rift Zone Eruption and Summit Summary
Hawaii County Civil Defense
Big Island Now
Honolulu Star Advertiser
Honolulu Civil Beat
The Hawaii Files Video Channel (YouTube)
Apauhawaii Tours – Scott Wiggers (YouTube)
Mick Kalber – Tropical Visions Video (Vimeo)

TV Media sites: KHON, KITVHawaii News Now, NaLeo TV

2018 Hawaii Eruptions Map

Hawaii Files 2018 Kilauea Eruption Videos – from various sources; YouTube channel.

Hawaii Volcano Videos – Mauna Loa (not erupting)

Mauna Loa volcano, the largest in the world as measured from the ocean floor is overdue for an eruption. It last erupted in 1984 sending a stream of lava down the eastern slope toward Hawaii Island’s largest city, Hilo. The flow stopped just 4 miles away from the city when the eruption stopped. USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory monitors Mauna Loa on a daily basis and issues reports.