Makaloa Street Morning

Makaloa Street Morning
I liked the morning light on Makaloa Street.

September 1, 2022: Hawaii Files Photo of the Day

As most photographers know, the early hours of the morning is known as “The Golden Hour”. This is when the best color saturation can be achieved with camera or smartphone in hand. In the morning that occurs between dawn and the first hour after sunrise. Another Golden Hour happens in late afternoon and early evening around sunset.

While parked along Makaloa Street I could not help notice how great everything was lit. With only my smart Google Pixel 4a phone with me, I decided to take a few shots while seated in the car. These are the two best, which I took liberty with and modified them in post production to create these rather cool looking works of art. As the popular saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Tell me what you think.

Click on each image to see it at a larger size. All photos © 2022 by Melvin Ah Ching Photos.

Makaloa Street Morning
Altered reality photo with enhanced blue tint.

August Photo of the Day Recap 

#TBT: My August foray into posting at least one photo of the day was mostly successful as a post to this blog was made on 30 of the 31 days of August. It was an interesting experiment, stressful at times when I had to scramble to find something useful. The main objective of this exercise was/is to get me out of the house and use my various cameras more in the practice of photography. I shot a lot of digital photos, many of which are posted to these pages in the past month.

I also decided to return to film photography, which is an expensive undertaking. It has been met with mixed success so far. One camera yielded a blank roll, and rolls of film in three other cameras are slowly working their way in the photographic process. With the cost of film and processing being so high these days, I have to be very selective on what I shoot with my film cameras. In time when films are successfully processed, I hope to share more images with you. Aloha.

Enjoy the August Photo of the Day Recap.

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