Sears Ala Moana To Close…. Again!

Sears Appliance & Mattress Center

August 31, 2022: Hawaii Files Photo of the Day

The last photo series of the month of August is the impending closure of the Sears Appliance and Mattress Center at Ala Moana Center, This store has been around for only a short time… some years after the original Sears department store on the Ewa end of the Center closed way back in 2013.

It was announced that this “new” Sears location is slated for closure, with huge discount signs displayed in the windows. When this Sears store closes, it will mark the definite end of an era. No more brick and mortar Sears stores anywhere in Hawaii and quite possibly across the United States of America. It will be a sad memory once this store closes (which I never shopped at) as many people will think of the older department stores and catalogs that were once offered to millions of Americans across the country.

Online shopping killed Sears and many other brick and mortar retailers over the years. K-Mart, Tower Records, Circuit City, J.C. Penney and Woolworth’s are stores that come to mind. All had a presence in the islands for many, many years.

In today’s volatile economy, many businesses have had to think out of the box and find new ways to innovate and stay relevant in this world dominated by. the online giants of Amazon and possibly WalMart. Times have certainly changed.

Sears Appliance and Mattress Center

With this posting, the daily Hawaii Files Photo of the Day experiment ends. It was not all too successful, as I found it difficult to maintain a daily posting and shooting schedule. The good thing is that I have a deep library of archive photos that I can fall back on for many Hawaii related subjects. Some of those older photos made it to this series. More will probably show up in the future.

This was an interesting experiment while it lasted. Out of the 31 days in August, I managed to post something nearly every day. I only missed one day of posting. Not too bad.

Going forward, the Photo of the Day feature will continue, but it will NOT be a daily post. I’ll post interesting photos periodically and return to the familiar news and opinion types of posts that I have done on this site in the past.



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