Hawaii Television Shows

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What Television Shows air from Hawaii?
What have aired in the past?

Several television shows are produced in Hawaii, including four airing on various national networks. Many other TV shows have been produced and broadcast on national television networks as well as locally.

The four major commercial broadcast channels (KHON, KITV, KGMB and KHNL) as well as the PBS affiliate KHET broadcast a broad range of nationally televised, first run programs that cover all types of interests — news, talk, public affairs, sport and entertainment. Many older shows that were once broadcast on the local channels and major networks are available for streaming and rebroadcast on a number of over the air (OTA), cable and streaming network channels.

Every program on this list are linked to information pages (mostly Wikipedia) about each show or channel. When applicable a link to the general streaming service is also listed, provided that the show is streaming online somewhere. A few titles may have links to more than one stream while others do not have any links to streaming services. This list will be periodically updated whenever we get new information about shows and their streaming links.

Many shows stream online for free, while others will require a paid subscription to view. Here is a key to the streaming services and other information presented on the list.

  • OTA = can view for free “Over the Air” with a TV antenna. Most OTA broadcasts also carried on cable TV.
  • Cable TV = requires cable TV subscription in order to view content.
  • Stream = program or channel streams on the internet through either a free or pay subscription streaming service.
  • FB = Facebook video, free streaming for Facebook users.
  • YouTube = free YouTube stream.

The following services stream content for FREE without any fees on either a live streaming or video on demand basis: Crackle, The CW, Filmrise, IMDB-TV, Peacock (free tier), Plex, Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, Shout Factory TV, STIRR, Tubi TV, VuIt and Xumo.

The following services require a paid subscription in order to view content. Most charge by the month; a few give you an option to pay by the year. The following are paid subscription services: Amazon Prime TV, Disney+, FUBO, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, and Plex (subscription option).

Please note that the streaming links listed next to each show go to the CHANNEL/SERVICE from which the program streams. Once you get to the show’s streaming site, you will need to do a search on that site for the show.

If you know of other places where the listed programs stream, let me know.