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Radio stations on the Big Island of Hawaii can only be heard in their respective areas. This is due to the size and terrain of the island. Essentially the large volcanic peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa prevents radio signals from criss-crossing the island unless transmitter sites are set up in each region. Because of this, listings on this page are broken down into West Hawaii and East Hawaii radio stations. Some stations have penetration on both sides of the island, due to relay transmitter sites. Radio stations from Oahu and Maui can also be received from some parts of the Big Island.

Home page links are highlighted where applicable by clicking on the station’s call letters.

Streaming: Hawaii radio stations that stream can be found at Tune In Radio and Apple’s iTunes. Station streams can also be found on each of the local station’s websites (for those that offer streaming). Mobile apps for iOS, Android and other platforms may also be available for streaming.

Low Power FM station under 100 watts are indicated by: (LP)

Hawaii Island Radio Dial