Nēnē Crossing: George, Paul, Ringo & John

Nene Crossing
George, Paul, Ringo & John? Photo by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park service.

August 27, 2022: Not on Abbey Road

I rarely use photos from another source. This morning proved to be different. While browsing my news feed on Facebook I came across this cute photo of four Hawaiian Nēnē geese crossing the Chain of Craters road at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The whimsical photo above was taken / created by the National Park Service.

Quoting their Facebook post:

Nene on Kauai (2005)
Nene on Kauai (2005)

“Planning on a scenic drive in your park?

Tune into The Nēnēs newest album: “Chain of Craters Road.” The album features favorite songs like ʻŌhelo berry Fields Forever, Yellow Rental Car, Beak Beak Yeah and Blackgoose. Drive safely, obey speed limits, and watch out for the rarest goose in the world as you listen to their flappy beats. Honk if you love keeping native species safe!

You can find out more about the nēnē at: https://go.nps.gov/1gzeo2

The Nēnē is the official state bird of the State of Hawaii. It is also an endangered species.

If you haven’t yet noticed, the above photo looks like the famous Beatles record cover for their last album Abbey Road. 

The photo of the fern on the banner as well as the Nene on Kauai is from Melvin Ah Ching’s Photo Archive.




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