The Last Sunrise of 2017

The Last Sunrise of 2017And so it came to pass, the year that was, yielding to the year to be. May good luck and a bright future shine upon you in 2018.

Here are some of the last photos shot this year for the Hawaii Files Blog, most of which can be viewed at our Flickr site. First off, the last sunrise of 2017, shot today (December 31) at Magic Island / Ala Moana Park. This location as well as Diamond Head Lookout, Waikiki Beach and Kahala are some of the our favorite locations to shoot sunrise pictures and sunsets.

Last Sunrise of 2017

Last Sunrise of 2017One of the major public events of 2017 was the arrival of Polynesian Society’s sailing canoe Hokule’a which completed a three year around-the-world trip in June. Thousands of people turned out for the vessel’s arrival on Magic Island and the open house event held at the Hawaii State Convention Center.

HŌKŪLEʻA - Mālama Honua Educational Exhibits & Hōkūleʻa Canoe Tours

Hokule'a Returns to HawaiiThe total solar eclipse of August 21 was a huge naturally occurring spectacle that dazzled many on the U.S. mainland. Here in Hawaii rain clouds almost cancelled out the partial eclipse that early morning viewers caught in various places around Hawaii. The photos below were shot from Kahala Beach Park.

Today's Solare EclipseThe First Hawaiian Auto Show that occurred in March 2017 never fails to attract thousands of people to check out the latest model cars as well as unforgettable classics. The Hawaii Files was there to capture some images.

2017 First Hawaiian Auto Show

2017 First Hawaiian Auto ShowAttractions on Hawaii’s beaches are plentiful. A seal coming ashore to rest or nurse a pup always brings out photographers and beachgoers to observe these rare and mostly elusive animals. Kaiwi shown below spent a morning at Waikiki much to the delight of observers who were kept at a distance.

Kaiwi, Hawaiian Monk SealYou can view all of our Hawaii Files Photos, many of which are not covered in this blog on our Flickr website.

Have a great 2018.

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The Hawaii Files Podcast is Here

The Hawaii Files Podcast

Today we announce the official Hawaii Files Podcast. You can listen to the first studio produced podcast by clicking on the link below. The podcast is less than 2 minutes long and is mainly a test with some very basic introductory content.

There will be no regular podcast schedule. An episode will be released mostly whenever we feel like it. Best thing to do is just subscribe to this blog if you want to listen to or maybe watch a podcast we may upload.

Given that we already did an in-field podcast on the previous post, this version is more “reserved”. We’ll see how this goes .

Download The Hawaii Files Podcast 002


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Throwback Thursday: What’s on the Radio Dial?

Oahu Radio Dial 9-1989
What was on Oahu Radio in Sept. of 1989.


For our Throwback Thursday feature we have this old radio dial list that I created in 1989. As you can see, while the format of the various Honolulu / Oahu Radio Stations were mostly the same as we have today, there were a lot fewer stations in the market then.

The top rated morning radio program at that time was the Perry & Price Show on KSSK, which is about the same as it is today. There were 3 top 40 stations in the market…. KQMQ FM, KQMQ AM and KIKI FM, an oldies station, KIKI AM and two adult contemporary music stations, KSSK AM / FM and KRTR 96 FM. Hawaiian music which at that time did not include reggae or “Jawaiian” was mostly played on the old KCCN 1420 AM station, which later moved to FM 100.3.

Hawaii Public Radio was on the air but simulcasting mostly classical music and “All Things Considered” on only two stations, KHPR at 88.1 FM and the Maui affiliate at KKUA 90.7 FM. Today Hawaii Public Radio has two distinct stations broadcasting statewide on several frequencies on all islands.

There were two Japanese language stations in the market… KOHO 1170 and KZOO 1210 on the AM dial. KOHO went off the air in 2000 and lives only in the memories of its listeners and a Frank DeLima comedy track. KZOO is still on the air at AM 1210 broadcasting mostly in the same format.

In 1989 none of the radio stations sent “streams” out over the internet, since that was only in the limited domain of the government and perhaps a handful of universities. The worldwide web and streaming audio were years down the line.

Compare this radio dial list to what we have today on the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Honolulu / Oahu Radio Dial page.

See also: Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Archive

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