Corvette Summer 2009

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most celebrated automobiles to roll off America’s assembly lines. An instant classic the moment it is made, enthusiasts from all over the world as well as in Hawaii love to showcase their ‘Vettes. I was lucky enough to catch such a show in Waikiki earlier this month. Here are pictures of dozens of Hawaii’s coolest Corvettes around. Enjoy!

Cecilio & Kapono on KGMB Sunrise

Cecilio & Kapono on KGMB 9
Cecilio & Kapono live on KGMB’s Sunrise news show, August 21.

One of Hawaii’s most popular and enduring recording artists, Cecilio & Kapono gave a short, open public concert performance at the KGMB TV studios parking lot on August 21. Morning news anchors invited the public to come and watch the live broadcast. Since I live near the KGMB TV studio on Kapiolani Boulevard, I walked over to the parking lot and found the group there, mostly waiting around for tape to roll.

If you know anything about TV, most of the time working on a production is spent waiting. I was there at around 6:45 am and the station did not shoot the live segment until the 7:30 am hour. In the meantime I and a very small group of people waited around and talked to each other and the two performers.

Not surprisingly for me, we ended up talking about computers among other things. Found out that both C & K are avid Macintosh computer users. We talked about the Garage Band software, computer security, identity theft and risks of using a standard Windows PC online. Cecilio is an avid golfer and he talked about using a GPS based golf course hardware device. Cool.

They jammed for a few minutes warming up and once they started playing Cecilio & Kapono treated us to about 4 or 5 songs. They included well known classics such as “Goodtimes Together,” “Highway in the Sun” and “Friends”. I think they also sang a song I had not heard before called “Back in the Day” which I heard again on their website.

After the broadcast I found that several of the KGMB News morning people are fans as they ended up posing for pictures with the legendary duo.

Cecilio & Kapono are coming out with a new album on September 1.

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Cecilio, Ben & Kapono
C & K with KGMB Sunrise weatherman, Ben Gutierrez.

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Partially Lame Solar Eclipse

Partially Lame Solar Eclipse

As far as eclipses go, this partial eclipse in Hawaii was quite lame. The new moon did take a bite out of the old sun, but not as much as I expected. At best this partial eclipse peaked with only about 1/8 of the sun munched away by the traveling new moon (or is the the rotating earth?). Must be a combination of both and all.

I shot the photo series at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park on Tuesday afternoon July 21. It was a bright sunshine filled Hawaii day. Perfect sungazing weather with eye protection of course. The camera I used to get the composite was my trusty old Canon 300D SLR with 70-300 telephoto zoom lens. On top of the lens I mounted a home made sleeve with a reflective mylar patch covering the open end. This is the same stuff used for the sun peeps sold at Bishop Museum.

Fact is I bought a rather large sheet of this material from Bishop Museum in 1991 and created the original sleeves to shoot the total eclipse on the Big Island that year. I have saved all the sleeves and sun peeps since then and have now used them for the 3rd time. The last time I brought these out was for a 2004 partial eclipse that I also shot from Kaka’ako Waterfront Park.

In the photo above, the eclipse images were composited into one frame and color enhanced using Adobe Photoshop. See the original composite here.

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Independence Day Fireworks Finale

Ala Moana Center 4th of July Fireworks Finale

It was the mother of all fireworks shows for this holiday season. Once again the good folks at Ala Moana Shopping Center came through with another spectacular 4th of July fireworks show. An estimated 50,000 people came to the center and nearby Ala Moana Beach Park to watch the 20+ minute fireworks finale that capped off another successful 4th of July weekend.

While North Korea allegedly pointed some missiles at us this weekend and actually fired a few of them off, none reach the Hawaiian Islands. In fact they all fell way short in the Pacific as they were only short range rockets. No thread to Hawaii thank goodness!

So here we all were enjoying tonights fireworks at Ala Moana and elsewhere on the island and throughout the state. It is great knowing that we belong to the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. It was a great time to enjoy our nation’s birthday.


Top photo is a capture from the fireworks show. Both it and the above video shot with my hand held Flip Video camera. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

LinkMichael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Like many people all over the world, I was quite surprised to learn of the untimely death of singer Michael Jackson. I got first indication of his death after reading an alert on my Google RSS reader. Shortly after news of his death was on the radio, TV and elsewhere on the internet.

Michael Jackson was not my favorite music artist. Still, he was one of the biggest icons in the music business. He made his mark not only in music, but also in dance, showmanship and video. He was the child star and lead vocalist of The Jackson 5, the music group put together by his parents and consisting of his brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine. Their origins in the city of Gary, Indiana to hit making machine in the early to mid 1970s for Motown Records are legendary.

Michael Jackson became bigger than life well into his solo career. In 1979 his album Off The Wall became a dance floor favorite in the waning days of the disco era. I was there as a weekend DJ spinning cuts from this record that kept dancers happy and on their feet with the likes of “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough,” “Rock With You”, and “Working Day & Night”.

When Thriller came out in late 1982, the album became a phenomenal success. I was still there during my last year as part-time dance floor DJ spinning nearly all of its tracks… “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” “Wanna Be Starting Something” and more.

Thriller broke new ground for Jackson and popular music. “Billie Jean” was the first song by a black artist to get regular airtime on MTV. The title track became a hugely successful long-form video utilizing the talents of top notch dancers, movie director John Landis and a rap by actor Vincent Price. Marvelous stuff!

Thriller became the biggest selling record album of all time and still is. Sales figures vary, but estimates put it somewhere between 65 to 107 million copies sold worldwide.

Michael Jackson’s career progressed well beyond Thriller, though he was never able to match the success of that album. Now with his sudden death, Michael Jackson’s music sales and memorabilia have spiked. All of his major studio albums and many singles are re-appearing on best seller charts. People are rediscovering his music and perhaps commerce has been handed a new industry.

Certainly Michael Jackson was not perfect. He had his personal, legal and financial problems. It is not in the scope of this blog to cover any of these, but only mention them in passing. In the long term, the scandals and problems will fade and only the music will live on.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. We’ll all be listening to your music for many years to come.


1. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
2. Beat It – Michael Jackson
3. Rock With You – Michael Jackson
4. Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
5. Thriller – Michael Jackson
6. Shake Your Body Down to the Ground – The Jacksons
7. We Are The WorldUSA For Africa
8. I’ll Be There – The Jackson Five
9. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
10. Dancing Machine – The Jackson Five
11. The Love You Save – The Jackson Five
12. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
13. Who’s Lovin’ You – The Jackson Five
14. Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’ – Jermaine Jackson (with Michael Jackson)
15. Say Say SayPaul McCartney & Michael Jackson
16. Black or White – Michael Jackson
17. Girlfriend – Michael Jackson
18. Ben – Michael Jackson
19. Got to Be There – Michael Jackson
20. The Girl is Mine – Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney


Photo composite: Center is the Honolulu Star Bulletin front page that appeared on June 26, 2009 one day after Michael Jackson’s death. The albums depicted on the composite are “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5” from 1969; Michael Jackson albums “Off the Wall,” “Bad” and “Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition”. The red 45 is a collector’s pressing I got some years ago at Jellys’ Honolulu. At top right is a headline from U.S.A. Today.