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Albums for August 1997

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Starting with this post we start to dig through the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Archive pages to fish out some old images and present them on this blog for the first time.

First up, is KCCN who back in 1997 broadcast on both the AM and FM dial. AM 1420 played a traditional / contemporary Hawaiian music format with University of Hawaii sports, while FM 100 played the island reggae music format it still has today. Back then both stations were owned by the same company along with KINE 105.1 FM.

The AM and FM stations were separated through a series of ownership changes where today only FM 100 still carry the KCCN call letters. 1420 AM is now ESPN1420 Sports Talk radio with the call sign of KKEA. KINE is still airing a contemporary Hawaiian music format.

Here are the charts from 1997:

Front cover KCCN

Cecilio & Kapono‘s concert at the Waikiki Shell was being promoted for August 29, 1997. Bruddah Israel Kamakawiwo’ole‘s “N Dis Life” album dominated the top charts on all of KCCN’s stations that month. It was only on June 26, 1997 that Bruddah Iz had passed away, so this album as well as his “Facing Future”, and “E Ala E” albums were also listed. The chart also put in a plug for University of Hawaii Football which was to be broadcast on August 30.

KCCN 3 panel 1997 chart
Click here for larger image.

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Hokule’a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii
The Hawaiian sailing canoe Hokule’a made its triumphant return to Hawaii today from its around the world voyage that started three years ago in 2014. The arrival of Hokule’a to Magic Island in Honolulu turned out to be an epic, historic event complete with a flotilla of several other sailing canoes and numerous smaller vessels that went out to sea to greet the canoe. Hokule’a spent the last weeks of its worldwide journey sailing to Hawaii from Tahiti, much like it was on her first trip to and from Tahiti back in 1976.

Volumes of stories have been told about the remarkable canoe which go far beyond the scope that this blog will ever achieve. What we have here is just a tiny snapshot of some of the pictures that we managed to capture on this day of homecoming.

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

Hokule'a Returns to Hawaii

All of the photos in this section are also posted to The Hawaii Files Flickr site.

Hokulea and Hikianalia in Hilo, Hawaii

Hokule’a and Hikianalia tied up in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii in May 2014 shortly before embarking on the worldwide voyage.

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Star Wars For a New Generation


Star Wars – Episode 7: The Force Awakens” is a triumphant return to style for the immensely popular movie franchise created by George Lucas.

It’s 30+ years since the events of Episode 6’s “Return of the Jedi“. Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker are back, but the emphasis of the latest adventure is firmly set by new characters Rey, Finn (FN 2187), Poe Dameron, and the evil Kylo Ren.  “The Force Awakens” is the Star Wars for a new generation.

While Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have reprised their famous roles, fans have also embraced the new characters played by Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Isaac (Poe) and Adam Driver (Kylo Renn). They are the ones who will move the storyline along as Star Wars charts a new future in upcoming installments.

I especially liked Rey, who is a new, female version of Luke Skywalker looking for her way in a confusing universe while finding out about “The Force“. Finn is a brave but somewhat clueless former Stormtrooper. Kylo Ren is not the personification of evil to fulfill the role as a dark lord — he needs further training as Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) acknowledges. This of course offers some hope that Kylo Ren may be able to see “the light” again.

I have to say that “The Force Awakens” is a true return to style with fast pacing, interesting but not obnoxiously goofy characters, and great special effects that veer away from the overtly slick, overused CGI that was applied to the prequel trilogy (Episodes 1, 2 and 3). The story is kind of predictable, and parallels that of Episode 4‘s “A New Hope” in some ways.

It’s all good. Early on you know this is Rey and Finn’s story as they are both thrown into each other’s world as a series of events bring them violently together where they eventually form a bond. Han, Leia, and Luke all get their grand introductions as they make their appearances in the story; re: “Chewy, we’re home“. In another way this is also Han’s story as he tries to patch up his fledgling family relationships.

While droids C-3PO and R2-D2 figure into this sequel, the most significant new character is the droid BB-8, whom “The First Order” is after. Another interesting character is Maz Kanata, a pirate and bar operator who has possession of one of Luke Skywalker’s lightsabers.

Composer John Williams continues in his role to score the movie with his great fanfares and dramatic musical pieces. This adds to the impact and familiarity that we all take for granted in every Star Wars film.

Star Wars is the story of one family, the Skywalkers. We saw what happened in previous installments. Now we have the first new chapter and look forward to see what happens next. Director J.J Abrams has definitely crafted a fine movie that make fans yearn for more. Disney and Lucasfilm have done good. The fans are excited and no one can wait for the next chapter.

Rating: 10/10.


It has been reported that pre-sale tickets for “The Force Awakens” were in the stratosphere with more than $100 million sold. The movie has set a box office record for first day receipts of $120 million and is well on its way to make more than $200 million this weekend alone.

It goes to say that I was among the first people in Hawaii to see the new movie. The lines at the Regal Dole Cannery Theaters in Honolulu were long for the 7:00 showing Thursday night, Dec. 17. Thanks to my friend Daniel, I had gotten free promotional tickets from Scion Hawaii to view the flick.

Hundreds of others patiently waited to see “Star Wars” in other auditoriums of the same theater complex at various times on the first night. Many wore Star Wars t-shirts and costumes. The scene was repeated a thousand times over at theaters throughout the U.S. and the world. “Star Wars” continues to be a worldwide phenomenon.



Star Wars The Force Awakens” trailer.

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