Throwback Thursday: The Hawaii Superferry

Hawaii Superferry 10-12-08

Eight years ago I set sail on the Hawaii Superferry. It was a quick one day voyage from Honolulu Harbor to Kahului Maui and back. It was a great trip on a great ship that revolutionized inter-island transportation. Sadly opposing organizations from the transport industry (airlines, shippers, car rental companies), environmentalists and Hawaiian activists got rid of the ferry with protests, lobbying and legal cases that led to a Hawaii Supreme Court decision to stop the operation.

Hawaii Superferry was a private firm that had big plans to sail passengers, vehicles and freight between Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Their plan was to have two vessels plying through island waters. Only one vessel saw service in Hawaii. After the operation was ceased the vessels were docked on the mainland and eventually sold to the U.S. Navy.

I feel lucky to have at least had the opportunity to travel on the ferry for one trip. It is one of those memories you never forget. Hopefully, someday in the future, another ferry service will start up.

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 Above: Slideshow from 2007 trip.


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