“A Dumb IrresponsibleInconsiderate Thing To Do”

Expensive Proposed Changes to Ala Moana Beach Park Are Not Needed

Dick Allgire of “Cook Healthy Fast” and his friend Myrna hits the nail on the head on the proposed “improvements” to Ala Moana Beach Park. Myrna hits the point in the above video on opposing the following:

Tearing down the changing rooms – not needed

Installing metered parking – not needed

Hiring consultants to make recommendations on What is “needed” for the park – uneeded, ask the people.

Myrna is right. All the park needs is some minor sprucing up, enhanced maintenance and keeping it as much as it is today without the outlay of millions of dollars going to consultants or politically connected contractor friends to “improve” the park. The park is not broken. Don’t fix it.

Additional to what is mentioned in the video, the publisher of this site is also hugely against paid parking and unisex changing / restrooms.

Ala Moana Park is a favorite place for this publisher / photographer to spend time to capture images of the park, its users, scenery, sunrises and sunsets for people to enjoy. The park is good. Leave it alone.

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