Assisted Suicide Bill Passes Out of State House

Hawaii State Legislature Update

The Hawaii State House of Representatives passed the Physician Assisted Suicide bill (HB 2703) on a third reading crossover vote. The vote count was 39 in favor and 12 opposed. Representatives Aquino, Cachola, Choy, Cullen, Har, Johanson, Kong, McDermott, Quinlan, Tupola, Ward, and Woodson voted against the bill’s passage.

The bill now advances to the Hawaii State Senate where it is expected to pass. Governor David Ige has indicated he supports killing people though assistance by a doctor.

More from the Honolulu Civil Beat website:

Emotions run high as legislators debate whether the measure grants a “civil right” or sends the wrong message about suicide.

Source: Hawaii House Passes Medical Aid In Dying Bill – Honolulu Civil Beat

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Physician Assisted Suicide Bill Should Be Deep Sixed

Hawaii State Legislature Update

Once again the Hawaii State Legislature has decided to bring up the issue of Physician  Assisted Suicide. This year the State House of Representatives has introduced HB 2739 which would allow your doctor, with your consent, to kill you with a lethal dose of medication within a six month period of your pending death.

This bill essentially legalizes murder and offers no respect for the sanctity of human life. The  lives of our elderly and sick should not be subjected to such a law. The only thing that needs to be killed is this bill. 

HB 2739 is getting a public hearing this coming Tuesday, February 27 at the State Capitol Auditorium starting at 10:30 A.M. Testimony is now being taken online or at the following online site:

It seems the legislature is no longer taking email testimony. To submit testimony using the above link, one must be a registered user of the State Legislature’s website.

An alternate method is to send testimony in by fax: 808 586-6311 or 800-535-3899.

Committee members can also be reached by going through the respective links below to access their email and other contact information.

House Judiciary Committee

House Committee on Health and Human Services

Here is a link to the hearing notice: Source: Hearing HHS-JUD 02-27-18.

Additional Links:

Focus on the Family: Reasons to Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide


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Public Hearing on Rail Taxes Set at State Legislature

Hawaii taxpayers may have a last chance to stop the rail project by sending in testimony and hoping that the Hawaii State Legislature will do the sensible thing and not waste taxpayer money to call a special session to increase or extend taxes to pay for rail.

In an email sent out to subscribers, longtime rail opponent Dennis Callan urges the public to send in testimony for a legislative hearing coming up this Monday, August 14:

“Extension of the rail tax is going to be considered on Monday morning at an “informational briefing” at the capitol auditorium.  The legislature has scheduled the Special Session public hearing on increasing the rail tax and I urge you to participate.

Email them your testimony now, and come to the hearing if you can:

DATE: Monday, August 14, 2017
TIME:  10:00 a.m.
PLACE:  Auditorium, State Capitol

Public testimony will be accepted but it must be emailed first:
“Testimony must be submitted via email to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Energy at:

Take one minute right now to compose a quick message and email it in.  This will put you on the list of testifiers and you can then expand on your thoughts while speaking.

This might be our very last chance to make our voices heard. Please participate!!

It is going to be an extraordinary combined hearing in front of all five subject committees, so this is your chance to reach 50 decision-makers.

Yes, they have been ignoring us for ten years, yes, they have probably already made up their minds to push this rail disaster through to the very end, but we have a responsibility to do everything possible to stop it.  If the public were to participate in large numbers, this train wreck could be stopped, perhaps by ending it at Middle Street, which would save billions and prevent the city center from being damaged by the useless elevated monstrosity.

Say whatever you like in your testimony, express your feelings as you see fit, but do something!

It is going to be a big event with a packed house and members of five committees, so you might want to get there early…but first, right now, email them a brief statement



Here is the hearing notice:  “

Photo credit: The first trainset for the w:en:Honolulu Rail Transit project on display at the HART vehicle maintenance facility in Pearl City, Hawaii. By Musashi 1600.

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