Big Surf, Hawaiian Monk Seals in Waikiki

Body Surfer Girl
A boogie boarder breaks through an incoming wave.

Took a morning walk around the Kapiolani Park, Queens Beach and San Souci Beach area today. Shot a few pictures with my trusty old Canon S5iS digital camera that I bought way back in 2008. It’s an 8 megapixel device that can still get some good images.

The main reason to venture down Waikiki way this morning was to check out the waning high surf that has been pounding the South Shores of Oahu all weekend. The high surf was generated by the weakening Tropical Storm Darby that passed the State of Hawaii due south after churning as a hurricane in the Eastern Pacific Ocean last week.

In addition to that, the destination spot today was at San Souci / Kaimana Beach where Rocky, the Hawaiian Monk seal has given birth to another seal pup this month. Kaimana is one of the seal’s favorite places to give birth and raise a young one. Officials from the NOAA monitor Hawaiian Monk Seals and erected a barricade away from Rocky and her pup. The public is required to stay 100 feet away or more from Hawaiian Monk Seals, which are protected by State and Federal Laws. If you want to get a good photo of a monk seal, it is best to use a camera with a long zoom lens. Adult Hawaiian Monk seals are known to bite humans while protecting their pups.

All photos in this post were taken on July 18, 2022.

  • Diamond Head from Kapiolani Park
    Diamond Head from Kapiolani Park.
Hawaiian Monk Seal Rocky & Her New Baby
Rocky and her pup.
Breaking Waves
High surf pounded south shores over the weekend and into Monday.


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