Phantom Missile Alert in Hawaii

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So what’s up with the missile attack warning that was sounded early this morning at the 8 o clock hour? Many Hawaii residents statewide got cell phone text messages that read:


Several of my friends got the message by cell phone text alert. I did not.

The first I heard about this was a text that I got from my friend Daniel which read: “Did you just get an emergency text????” I answered in the negative. No text message for me. He followed up, “I am not joking.” He attached the screen shot from his phone as shown below:

Emergency Text Message
The emergency text that came to many cell phone early this morning (Jan. 13).

A few moments later, my friend Lisa called. She was in a state of panic. It was aggravating to her since she is also down and out with a viral strain of influenza. She also got the emergency text message.

Talking to her on the phone, I told her that it was probably a false alarm, but also to listen to the radio. I began to think it was a false alarm even if I was worried for a few minutes after the initial call.

What prompted me to this was the fact that when I turned the radio to KSSK AM & FM (where they have in the past did outstanding broadcasts of local emergencies) there was nothing to be found except for a re-run of a previous Perry & Price radio program.

Nothing there. This is likely a false alarm.

While talking to Lisa on my landline phone, I called Daniel on the cell phone. He told me his wife Emma had called the 911 emergency number who told her that it was, indeed a false alarm.

Just to make doubly sure, I called 911 after I got off the phone with Daniel. By then everyone else was probably in a panic as the 911 number was busy. Pity the poor soul who had to call if it was an actual emergency. Goes to show that in a massive alert scenario, that calling 911 will likely yield a busy signal unless you get in early.

Soon I took to Facebook where my friends and others were commenting on the situation. In about a half hour it was agreed and known among many that the emergency texts were a false  alarm.

Surely someone at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency has to take responsibility for this major false alarm. A breaking news article published at the Honolulu Star Advertiser website stated that an “employee pushed the wrong button,” during a shift change.

An investigation is likely pending. Governor David Ige had a few words to say at this press conference today (KHON TV video):

Vern T. Miyagi, Administrator for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency says they are investigating the incident and procedures. He did not or was not able to answer questions as to who specifically pressed the button at the agency and why not all cell phone users got the emergency text message.

The Governor and  agency have stated that they will not let this type of false alarm happen again.

There likely will be further news, discussion and legislative hearings on this in the coming days and weeks.

Hawaii can rest assured, that despite the dire warning and short term panic, that today’s “missile attack” was not the real thing. Perhaps it is a wake-up call to bring this issue to the forefront and help us be prepared for the next time.





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News From Around the Dial

A update of recent news links reported to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide for March 3, 2012.

Broadcast House of the Pacific

KNDI Radio Sold: Broadcast House of the Pacific has sold its only radio station, KNDI 1270 AM in Honolulu to Geronimo Broadcasting LLC for $500,000. The sale is pending FCC approval. KNDI broadcasts from South King Street (photo above) a format of mult-ethnic music and language programs. Newslinks: All Access | KNDI news

New GM at KHON TV: Kristina Lockwood was named new VP and General Manager of KHON TV it was announced last week. Lockwood was most recently with Cox Media in Southern California. Newslink: Honolulu Star-Advertiser. | PBN

The following media release was recently sent to us from the Radio Heritage Foundation.

RNZI Airs new Radio Heritage Feature – Contemporary Kaua’i Radio

Join us from Monday, March 4 2013 to hear an exciting visit to
the contemporary Kaua’i radio dial on the Mailbox program
from Radio New Zealand International.

You’ll hear KKCR the local community radio station created in direct
response to the destruction of Hurricane Iniki some years earlier
when local residents wanted a local radio station to stay safe, in
touch and connected.

The HHawaii Inc FM station cluster including KJMQ Jamz, KITH Island
Radio and KTOH Rooster Country is well represented with audio grabs –
KTOH being the current version of the original AM station on the

KQNG and KUAI are the two AM stations on the island, which is about
100 miles from Oahu, where the Hawaiian state capitol of Honolulu is

KQNG is also known as KONG radio, and Kaua’i has featured in many
well known films over the last 50 years or so, including a King Kong
ape movie, and several with Elvis Presley.

There are a growing number of stations on the island, which has a
small population of under 70,000 people, and an economy centered on
tourism, with just one working sugar cane plantation remaining.

It’s an unusual opportunity to cruise along the Kaua’i radio dial
without buying an air ticket there, and the range of radio stations
serving the small community is fascinating. We hope you’ll join us.

You can listen directly via shortwave radio from RNZI in New Zealand,
or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of
current broadcast frequencies [both DRM and analog] and times
possible for your area as well as audio downloads at

Join us from Monday, March 4 2013 as we enjoy this special visit
to the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i and are entertained by local radio
DJ’s and hear some wonderful music.

We have great radio memories about a visit to KQNG and KUAI on Kaua’i
and other Hawaiian radio memories at our website
available every day 24/7, and all for free.

You can also use our Pacific Asian Listener Radio Guides at our
global website to find today’s AM radio stations
in the Pacific. Use our Google Search to find our many exclusive
features about broadcasting in Hawaii and other Pacific islands.

All visits to our website and access to our features and services are
always free, and have been for almost 10 years. Every donation of 50c
makes it possible for someone else to enjoy the website, so please
think about paying it forward for others.

Radio Heritage Foundation
The Co-operative Global Radio Memories Project

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Hawaii Five-0 Premieres on CBS September 20


The new Hawaii Five-0 2.0 premieres on CBS TV (KGMB Channel 9) next Monday, September 20 at 9:00 pm Hawaii Time. The network as well as the local film industry have high hopes that the new take of the venerable old title will be as successful as the original.

Hawaii Five-0 had its Waikiki premiere this past Monday, September 13 before a crowd of thousands. The main cast members of the new TV series were all on hand for the public premiere, as well as a number of Hawaii politicians and people in the industry.

The original Hawaii Five-0 starring Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong, Al Harrington and Zulu ran for 12 years on the CBS network from 1968 to 1980. The program is very popular today and is shown in syndication and on cable all over the world. Locally the classic Hawaii Five-0 episodes air on KWHE TV Channel 14 Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm. The original series is also available for purchase on DVD.



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