Landing in Hilo

This is a video clip of Hawaiian Airlines flight 342, Boeing 717-200, N479HA flying into Hilo and landing at the airport on Novmeber 24, 2009. This was shot on my last trip to the Big Island this month. I paid $49 to fly each way from Honolulu to Hilo and back.

This month for my next trip to Hilo airfares have spiked up with the cheapest being $58 each way on the major carriers, of which we have 2… Hawaiian Airlines and Mesa’s Go-Mokulele Airlines. Both offer jet service to the major airports on 4 Hawaiian Islands. Lihue, Honolulu, Kahului, Kona and Hilo. Want to fly to the smaller airports? Island Air offers flights to Molokai, Kapalua, and Lanai in addition to Honolulu, Lihue, Kahului and Kona. Their lowest fare is about $78 each way to the smaller airports.

All of the interisland airlines now charge a $10 fee for the first piece of checked in luggage. Taxes and other fees also apply to each ticket purchased.

Overall the airlines have been nickel and diming customers for several years now since the price of fuel has widely fluctuated.

Enjoy the video. I hope to post more stuff to this blog in the coming weeks.


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