Pictures From the Auto Show

The annual Motor Trend First Hawaiian International Auto Show was held in Honolulu this past weekend (March 26 – 28) at the Hawaii State Convention Center. Dozens of new cars from various dealers and manufacturers were on display for the public to see, touch, sit in, compare prices and photograph delighted the thousands of people who attended the event. In addition to the current models, several classic and custom car clubs had their wares on display including vintage Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, Volkswagens and cars from many years ago.

Emphasis this year was on promoting the “green agenda” with a number of alternative fuel cars. The usual hybrids (gas and electric models) such as the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are readily available. Experimental fare included all electric cars such as a Prius on display by Hawaiian Electric, an all electric Mini Cooper and a hydrogen powered fuel cell SUV from The Gas Company. The Tesla Roadster which comes in a $100,000 a pop is an electric car that was also on display.

I am not crazy about the so called “green cars” as all current models cost significantly more than conventional and more plentiful gasoline powered vehicles.

Speaking of expensive, the exotic car corner that usually features Ferraris and Lamborgins were there with the highlight being a $1.4 million Masseratti M12 roadster. It’s not a very practical car but it certainly would turn eyes if the owner used it as a daily driver. I wonder how large his insurance premiums are.

Lastly several brands of cars were not on display this year. They included Hummer, Saturn, and Pontiac, three brands that met their demise by the end of 2009 after General Motors declared bankruptcy and took a huge government handout financed by you and I, the taxpayers. A similar fate also befell Chrysler Corporation, who by 2009 did not shed many divisions since Plymouth had fallen a few years before. They however were acquired by Italy’s Fiat corporation and may someday soon refocus to smaller, tinny vehicles (well known to European consumers who buy Fiats). Also noticeably absent were Volvo, Cadillac and for some reason BMW, though I may have simply missed their display.

Overall, a good time was had by all for anyone who showed up at the Auto Show.

$1.4 Million.... Yes.

This car cost $1.4 million.

Apple Mac Mini Computer

This Apple Macintosh Mini computer was mounted in the rear of the tiny Smart Car on display from Security and Sound Systems (below).

High Tech Smart Car

2010 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus has been redesigned for 2010.

2010 Subaru Forester

Of the several smaller SUVs I saw, this one was the best for me. It is the roomy 2010 Subaru Forester. Pricing is reasonable if I wanted to commit to buying one. At the low end this vehicle sells for $20,000 and the high end is more than $26,000. This one was at around $22,000. Below is the roomy interior shot of the Forester.

2010 Subaru Forester

Electric Mini

Electric Mini Cooper.


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