KITV Goes to Black on Time Warner Oceanic Cable

No More ABC TV for Oceanic Cable
Time Warner Oceanic Cable (TWOC) subscribers have not been getting KITV 4′s signal since early Tuesday morning, July 10. The station is off the TWOC TV line-up as a result of a carriage negotiation dispute. Basically the two firms, Hearst Television, owners of KITV and Time Warner Cable have not been able to agree on a fee that will allow the channel to be carried on the cable system.

The blackout impacts programs shown on the ABC TV network as well as MeTV. KITV carries both networks on their primary and secondary broadcast channels.
KITV is still available on satellite systems and free over the air with a standard TV antenna (outdoor or indoor depending on your location). Channel line-up for broadcast are: KITV 4.1 (ABC network) and KITV 4.2 (MeTV).


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