VOTE! – Deadline is August 13

Hawaii Files Photo of the Day - VOTE!
A typical Hawaii ballot.

August 12, 2022 – Hawaii Files Photo of the Day

Today it’s my ballot which I am sending in at the last minute this weekend to the drop-off location not too far away from my home. Hawaii conducts a mail-in election. You make your selections at home, mail the ballot in OR if you are last minute, drop it off at the designated collection location. Tomorrow, August 13 is Hawaii Primary Election Day.

This year Hawaii voters are choosing to elect a U.S. Senator, U.S. Congress member, Governor, Lt. Governor, State Senate and State House members, Mayors and City/County Councils for the four major island groups. There is also an Office of Hawaiian Affiars candidate slate to choose from. Reapportionment which was completed earlier this year re-drew many local districts. As a result some incumbents ended up running against each other. Every seat in the Hawaii State Legislatures is up for grabs this year, though some are already won since only the incumbent filed to run in the race.

The last day to turn in ballots is Saturday, August 13. While the election is mail-in, at this late juncture it is best to take your ballot to a designated drop-off location.

The ballot itself (shown above) is the Photo of the Day. It was taken using the Google Pixel 4a smartphone.

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