It’s Sugar Opened at Ala Moana Center

In the first of a series of articles to be included on this blog, we take a look at Ala Moana Center’s newest business arrival. The Ala Moana Center location of It’s Sugar (corporate spelling IT’SUGAR) is the first Hawaii based store for the firm. A spokesperson said it was their second large “flagship department store”. It’s Sugar opened on the third floor, mauka wing of Ala Moana Center just south of major anchor Target.

The store is a bright, colorful, and enticing filled with candy treats that will capture the sweet tooth of customers of all ages. It seems like candies from all the popular major brands are there in all sizes, shapes and forms. M&M’s, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, Bazooka Joe, PEZ, and much more are available. It’s Sugar also seems to have their own brand of candies.  There is also a sizable area dedicated to Oreo cookies and candies.

In addition to the sweet treats, they sell candy themed apparel ranging from hats to shirt and shoes. The photos below contains only a sample of what’s available at It’s Sugar. The best thing to do the next time you are at Ala Moana Center, drop by and check them out.

It's Sugar's mascots
These are the mascot characters for It’s Sugar.
M & M Candies Characters
We’ve all seen them on TV and in the movies… and the candies are wonderfully great.
Inside the It's Sugar store
Interior shot of It’s Sugar at Ala Moana Center.
PEZ candies
These have been popular over the ages, especially with the collectable dispensers.


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