Risky Activities That May Lead
to COVID-19 Infection

Opening the mail, pumping gasoline and playing tennis are among the LEAST risky activities (short of just staying home) you can engage in without much fear of getting the COVID-19 virus. The Texas Medical Association recently released the graphic below showing a scale of activities and their related risk from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most risky.

If you engage in working out at a gym, going to an amusement park, the movies, music concert, sports event at a stadium or a large religious service with more than 500 worshippers, then you will be at the most high risk in getting COVID-19. The highest risk factor is going to a bar, according the graph below.

While the risk factors may be open to debate, the graph itself is a good point of reference to have if you are considering doing any of the activities outlined below. For us in Hawaii, going to the beach presents a level 5 risk of MODERATE.

You can download the PDF table from this link: DOWNLOAD PDF.


COVID19 Risk Table from the Texas Medical Association
Source: Texas Medical Association.


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