The Biggest Free Art Gallery in Kaka’ako


Kaka'ako Street Art// biggest free art gallery in Honolulu is located on several buildings in the Kaka’ako District. All you have to do is park somewhere and take a leisurely walk. Bring a camera.

Painters were sanctioned through the PowWow Hawaii organization to create legal murals throughout the area. Take a walk around the blocks of outdoor paintings. You will be amused.

Mel’s Kaka’ako Street Art Photos on Flickr

Kaka'ako Street Art// is one of my favorites from a photographer’s viewpoint. It looks like the gigantic Chevy is about to pounce on the truck parked in front of it. This photo was not set up. Just happened to pass by at the right moment to capture this.

Kaka'ako Street Art// some people are like after not getting enough sleep.

Kaka'ako Street Art// is just part of a bigger picture.

Kaka'ako Street Art// the Kaka’ako Fisher Hawaii store.

Kaka'ako Street Art// 🙂

Kaka'ako Street Art//

Kaka'ako Street Art// ice delivery.

Kaka'ako Street Art// wall art near the Office Max store.

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