Last Honolulu Call for the Maxim Gorkiy

Maxim Gorkiy @ HNL, originally uploaded by macprohawaii.

This ship has been an annual visitor to Hawaii for several years. About a week ago I was notified by one of her passengers that this year’s stop would be the last. The Maxim Gorkiy is being retired from the firm that operates her.

The aging cruise ship came into Honolulu Harbor early this morning, followed by her corporate sibling the Amadea. Maxim Gorkiy arrived in Honolulu on a cruise segment from Fanning Island and left tonight for Japan.

Phoenix Reisen, a German charter firm has operated the ship for 20 years, retaining her mostly Russian crew. The ship while built in Germany is owned by a Russian firm. More information on the Maxim Gorkiy can be found here:

More photos at my Flickr site.


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