PodCamp Hawaii: A Brief Wrap-Up

Laptop Brigade

I spent two days this past weekend at PodCamp Hawaii, an “unconference” that gathered geeks, computer users and mere mortals together for a number of concurrent workshops that focused on podcast production, podcast advertising, marketing, blogging, WordPress software and its use, and how social media platforms can impact life and business.

The two day conference was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on October 24 and 25 and attracted more than 330 attendees. I learned several things at PodCamp. In a short nutshell they included:

  • Use of WordPress software as a good content management system for general blogging and podcasting front ends.
  • How to customize and get the most out of WordPress.
  • It is difficult to install WordPress on your own hosted server. It may be best to go with a host that truly supports WordPress or hire a true geek who can install and possibly maintain WordPress and its associated files and database.
  • A good hosting company is better than a bargain basement host.
  • Most people who start podcasts burn out after 7 episodes.
  • Don’t invest too heavily in hardware on your podcast until you pass 10, 20 maybe even 50 episodes.
  • Maintain a tight podcast format, know and be passionate about your subject matter, and stick to a regular podcasting schedule.
  • Learn how to market your podcast and put it in all the right places (like iTunes, etc.)

There was a whole lot more including the introduction to a new version of WordPress that is supposedly easier to install and maintain.

PodCamp is also a good place to meet fellow geeks, business people and network with them. I don’t do very well in active networking, but if I am invited to join in with an individual or a small group, I warm up to the situation in time.

Photo caption: The laptop brigade soaking up information at PodCamp Hawaii.


Melvin Ah Ching is a photographer, consultant, blogger, desktop publisher, and computer enthusiast living and working in Hawaii. The Hawaii Files have been online since 2006.