T-Shirts Blowing in the Wind

T-Shirt Art Exhibition

More than 800 t-shirt designs from around the world were hung out to dry as high art during the windy weekend at Kaka’ako Makai Gateway Park this weekend, May 27 – 29. Most of the T-shirts came from Japan that were designed by artists from all over the world who paid a small fee to the organization sponsoring the event.

That chief sponsor is the Seaside Gallery in Kochi Japan who have made it an art to stage various outdoor exhibitions of several types around Japan and the world. According to their brochure, some of the exhibits included the T-Shirt Art Exhibition (here in Hawaii for the first time), Sand Sculpture, a Washed Ashore Exhibit, Whale Watching and a Quilt Exhibition in the Sea Breeze.

More information at:


The main coordinator is the Seaside Gallery in Kochi Japan.


E-mail: nitari@sunabi.com

This weekend’s exhibit was open and free to the public.

T-Shirt Art Exhibition

One of the many individual designs. This one is touching remembrance of someone who has gone.




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