Classic Rock Lives Again with Chaotic Five

Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

I was lucky enough to catch another free performance by Chaotic Five at the Ala Moana Center last night (April 14). Chaotic Five is billed as Hawaii’s “youngest classic rock group” and for good reason. All of the songs they sing predate their own existence by at least 15 to 20 years, many songs much older.

Chaotic Five consists of five school aged kids less than 15 years old each. The group is fronted by female lead singers Chloe Salacup with lead guitarist Kalliyan Davis filling in from time to time. Rounding out the group are drummer Ethan Salacup, bass guitarist Caramon Ramos and Raistlin Ramos on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

The classic rock repertoire include covers of Queen, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, Journey, Metallica, Blondie, Heart and more. The female singers give the songs a slightly different twist with all of the instrumentation, original and authentic to the way we remember the songs from the records.

Chaotic Five have played at a number of venues around Oahu including the Michael W. Perry  and Larry Price radio show on KSSK and interviews on Oldies 107.9 FM radio with Ed Kanoi. They have also been showcased in a series of youth rock concerts held at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

Chaotic Five 4-14-2012

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