Retro Dial: Oahu Radio Dial – September 1990

Starting with this post I will be placing content that was once posted to BBS’s and older incarnations of the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide website here. First up a Hawaii radio dial list from 1990.

Please note that some of these posts are taken from text files that were once posted to BBS systems.


Effective September 1990.



88.1 K H P R/ K K U A 90.7 Classical Music & News (Hawaii Public Radio) 98.1
89.3 K I P O – F M Hawaii Public Radio; News, Music (various) 104.7
90.3 K T U H (UH-90) University of Hawaii Radio 99.1
92.3 K S S K Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock Music 101.1
93.1 K Q M Q (Super Q) Top 40 Contemporary Hits, News 103.1
93.9 K I K I (Hot I-94) Top 40 Hits, Dance, Rap Music 103.5
94.7 K U M U Easy Listening Music 104.1
95.5 K A I M Contemporary Christian Music/Religious 105.1
96.3 K R T R (Krater 96) Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock Music 105.5
97.5 K P O I (98 Rock) Album Oriented Rock Music (AOR) 106.1
98.5 K H H H (The Wave) New Age, Contemporary Jazz & Light Rock 99.5
100.3 K C C N Contemporary Hawaiian & Reggae Music 100.7
102.7 K D E O Country Music 106.5
105.1 K H F X (The Fox) Classic Rock Tracks 101.5


590 K S S K (K-59) Adult Contemporary Music, News
690 K Q M Q (Super Q) Top 40 Contemporary Hits (simulcast with FM)
760 K G U News, Sports & Assorted Talk Shows
830 K I K I (Oldies Channel) * Golden Oldies from the 50s, 60s, & 70s
870 K A I M Religious Programming
940 K D E O (Country Radio) Country Music, News, Sports
990 K H V H (Newsradio 99) All News Format plus sports & talk shows
1040 K L H T (K-Lite) Religious Prog. & Contemporary Christian Music
1080 K W A I (K-108) Talk Shows, News & Sports
1170 K O H O Japanese Programming
1210 K Z O O Japanese Programming
1270 K N D I Ethnic & Religious Programming
1380 K I P O Hawaii Public Radio simucast with KIPO-FM
1420 K C C N Hawaiian Music
1460 K U L A * Soft Rock Music simulcast with KRTR-FM
1500 K U M U Easy Listening Music (simucast with KUMU-FM)
1540 K I S A (Kiss AM) Filipino Programming

* AM STEREO reception available

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