Honolulu Oahu Radio Dial Update

The Honolulu Radio Dial has been updated to reflect the recent change of KORL 101.5 flipping from the “smooth jazz” format to “Hawaii’s Real Rock”. The Honolulu Radio Dial page is on our parent website.

FM Stereo Dial

88.1 KHPR Hawaii Public Radio: Classical Music & News (National Public Radio)
89.3 KIPO Hawaii Public Radio: News, Talk, World Music, Jazz National Public Radio + BBC
90.3 KTUH U of H – Jazz, Hawaiian, alternative, rock, rap, world music – Also on 89.9 and 91.3 FM
91.1 K216FI Alternative Christian Music
“The Effect” (KEFX FM from Twin Falls Idaho) (LP)
92.3 / HD1 KSSK Adult Contemporary Music; Perry & Price Morning Show; Also broadcasts in HD on 92.3-1, 92.3-2 HD Radio
92.3 HD2 KSSK “The Groove” HD Radio
93.1 KQMQ “93.1 Da Paina” Island Party Hits / Reggae
93.9 / HD1 KHJZ “93.9 Jamz” Rhythmic Adult Contemporary; HD Radio
93.9 HD2 KHJZ “Slow Jamz” Rhythmic Adult Contemporary; HD Radio
94.7 KUMU Rhythmic Adult Contemporary
95.5 KAIM 95.5 “The Fish” – Contemporary Christian Music
95.9 KXRG “Hawaii’s Dance Station” – Dance Hits (LP)
96.3 KRTR “Krater 96 FM” Adult Contemporary Music
96.7 KPHI Pinoy Power Radio KPHI” (Filipino) / Jazz (9pm to 5am) – K244EO
97.1 / HD4 KORL Japanese – J-Pop Music (Also on 97.1 HD4) – K244EF HD Radio
97.5 KHCM Hawaii’s Hot Country
98.5 / HD1 KDNN “Island Rhythm 98.5” (Island Music); HD Radio
98.5 HD2 KDNN “Mainstream Country” HD Radio
99.5 KGU “Hawaii’s Christian Talk”
100.3 / HD1 KCCN FM 100: Island Music & Reggae; HD Radio
101.1 KORL “Today’s Modern Mix” – Hot AC
101.5 / HD2 KORL “K-Rock: Hawaii’s Real Rock” (Also on 101.5 HD2) HD Radio – K268BE
101.9 / HD1 KUCD “Star 101.9 – Hawaii’s New Music Alternative”: Modern Rock; HD Radio
101.9 HD2 KUCD “Undies Indie Rock” HD Radio
102.7 KDDB “Da Bomb” (Urban Contemporary Hits)
103.5 KHAI Air 1 Radio” – The Positive Alternative (Christian Rock)
104.3 KPHW “Power 104.3” Hawaii’s Hip Hop and R&B Hits
105.1 / HD1 KINE Contemporary Hawaiian Music; HD Radio
105.9 KPOI “The Rock You Live On” – Active Rock
107.5 / HD3 KORL Hawaii’s K-Pop on FM (Korean) – K298BA HD Radio
107.9 KKOL Hawaii’s “Kool Gold” (oldies)

AM Radio Dial

590 KSSK Adult Contemporary Music, Perry & Price Morning Show, News & Traffic
650 KRTR Easy Listening Favorites
690 KHNR “Hawaii’s Intellegent Talk”: Bill BennettMike GallagherThe Dennis Miller ShowDennis PragerMichael MedvedHugh Hewitt, KHNR News Hour,Mark Levin, KHNR News Hour / Hawaii News Now (simulcast)
760 KGU “am 760 Money Radio” – Business News & Talk
830 KHVH News & Talk: Rick Hamada, Rush LimbaughSean HannityGlenn Beck,Coast to Coast AM with George NooryKim KomandoFox News Radio
880 KHCM “Radio China International”
940 KKNE AM 940: Traditional Hawaiian Music
990 KIKI News & Talk; Michael SavageJerry DoyleKim KomandoMancow Morning MadhouseRusty HumphriesLeo Laporte Tech Guy
1040 KLHT “The Pure Light of Hawaii” (Religious Programming)
1080 KWAI “The Mighty 1080” Local & National Talk, news
1130 KPHI Pinoy Power Radio KPHI” (Filipino programming; simulcast on 96.7 FM)
1180 KORL silent
1210 KZOO “Hawaii’s #1 J-Pop Music Station” (Japanese variety & J-Pop music)
1270 KNDI “Voices from Around the World”
Ilocano, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cantonese, Samoan, Tongan & other ethnic programs
1370 KUPA “AM 1370 Fox Sports Radio”
1420 KKEA “Honolulu’s ESPN Station” – Sports Talk – U.H. Sports, ESPN
1460 KHRA “Hawaii Radio Korea” Korean music & programming
1500 KHKA “The Team” 1500 Sports Talk radio
1540 KREA Korean Programming
1610 WQAG957 Event information and traffic conditions near the Hawaii Convention Center(LP)



Melvin Ah Ching is a photographer, consultant, blogger, desktop publisher, and computer enthusiast living and working in Hawaii. The Hawaii Files have been online since 2006.