In Observance of National Camera Day

JUNE 29, 2019 – Today was National Camera Day. It is a day to go outside and take pictures with your camera…. any camera, be it film, digital or cell phone. Despite my crazy schedule this week, there was a break and I managed to get a few shots at the beach in Honolulu today. Here are some of them.

Often at Ala Moana Beach park and various other beaches in Hawaii, there will always be a wedding party or couple with their hired photographers at the beach doing the sunset (or sunrise) photo. Many here in Honolulu are tourists. This leaves the roaming photographer a chance to sneak one in as we walk by. Just as I did with this image.

The late afternoon sky did not look very promising for a good sunset shot. It was mostly cloudy today even though the bright Hawaiian sun was out during most of the day after recent rainstorms swamped Oahu and Kauai this week. As you can see here, the Kaka’ako area is quite built up with many new condo buildings constructed over the last five to seven years.

Another candid moment at Ala Moana Beach Park today from the Magic Island area, where several couples were taking in the view and hoping for a good sunset amid the low, lingering clouds.

As late afternoon transited into night, the sunset colors finally broke through the cloud cover. Since this is summer, the southeast side of Oahu do not get a direct sunset into the ocean type of thing. Instead the sun sets behind the Waianae mountains, which means from this end we only get the colors… at least for today.

Finally night began to dominate as the sunset colors gradually turned from yellow-orange to deep red and then black as Sol migrated to the other side of the world. Happy June 29th…. National Camera Day!


Melvin Ah Ching is a photographer, consultant, blogger, desktop publisher, and computer enthusiast living and working in Hawaii. The Hawaii Files have been online since 2006.