Can You Live in Hawaii?

Source: Can you live in Hawaii?

Can You Live in HawaiiPeter Kay of CyberCom, Inc. developed a new online app to see if you can live in Hawaii. The short quiz asks 9 questions on items relating to home ownership, income, family and people you associate with among other things. Taking the quiz is free and results are emailed to you.

From Peter Kay’s Facebook post:

“For anyone who has ever wondered if they can move to Hawaii, I’ve created a quiz (based on my life experience here) to help them determine the feasibility. I’m asking my FB friends to take this quiz I created and give me some feedback. You don’t have to enter a real email address at the end. Honest feedback please! ( Not that you’ve ever held back before:) Mahalo!”

Reaction based on comments to his Facebook post have been mostly positive.

The Quiz Link is here: Can You Live in Hawaii?


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