Lighted Memorial Tributes

Lighted Memorial Tribute// The always colorful IBM Building in the Ward Village Shopping Complex area is lighted with the rainbow colors this week in memory of the victims who perished in the senseless Florida nightclub killings. Honolulu Hale (City Hall) is similarly lighted.

This has been a sad week for the United States as another crazed terrorist took it upon himself to inflict harm, pain and death. At last count 50 people were dead and more than 50 others wounded. Doctors warn that some of the wounded are still in critical condition and that they face the possibility of expiring.

Active shooter types of terrorism can occur anywhere, even in Hawaii. Reports have indicated that active shooters like to take lives in crowded business establishments and educational institutions.

The last time a mass shooting occurred in Hawaii was in 1999 during the infamous Xerox building murders where 7 people were gunned down by a deranged gunman.

Like the rest of the nation, the people in Hawaii have expressed outrage and sadness at this latest act of deadly violence. It is hoped that something like this never occurs again and that the victims of this tragedy be remembered and kept in our prayers.

Lighted Tribute// Hale is also bathed with the rainbow colors behind the perpetual 911 Memorial and Flame.

Lighted Tribute at IBM Building//


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