Recent Sightings at Honolulu Harbor

The Celebrity Century

I seem to have been spending a lot of time lately at or near Honolulu Harbor. My photos reflect that fact. In the past week I’ve spotted and taken pictures of three cruise ships and a rocket launcher vessel that all came into Honolulu Harbor over the past week.

Latest arrival is the Celebrity Century, an 815 ft. long cruise liner belonging to Celebrity Cruises. The vessel came into Honolulu Harbor after sailing in from Hilo. Its next stop is Lahaina, Maui. The ship is our lead photo for this blog post.

The Celebrity Century

The Celebrity Century arrives in Honolulu Harbor October 9.

Sea Launch Odyssey

This past weekend Sea Launch Odyssey, a large, private, towering seagoing vessel built on top of a former oil rig was in town for a few days. The ship dwarfed nearby Aloha Tower and as others have reported, caused a distraction along Nimitz Highway.

Ryan Ozawa of the Hawaii Blog has some good photos of Sea Launch there and on Flickr. Below is one of his photos of Sea Launch Odyssey taken from up high.

Sea Launch 15

The Golden Princess

Two other cruise ships visited Honolulu this past week. They were the Golden Princess (above) from Princess Cruises and the MS Westerdam (below) from Holland America Line. Both were in port on October 4.

The MS Westerdam

Pier 9 Honolulu Harbor

Last but not least is the Japanese resarch vessel Riasu Maru tied up at Pier 9 for several days.

More photos of ships and vessels in Honolulu Harbor
A photo set by Melvin Ah Ching on

Sunset at Honolulu Harbor

Golden Princess, Golden Sunset

There were some great sunset shots at Honolulu Harbor today. Two cruise ships made port calls into the harbor. The Princess Cruise ship Golden Princess spent most of the day tied up at Pier 10 near Nimitz highway. The picture featured above is shot from across Nimitz near the end of the sunset sky which presented these brilliant, waning colors. The other ship, MS Westerdam belonging to Holland America Line was tied up at Pier 2.

Honolulu Harbor Sunset

A couple shares a moment of the setting sun at Pier 9, Honolulu Harbor. The sun sets behind Sand
Island during the fall season.

Sunset Hula Practice

A keiki hula troupe practices at Aloha Tower Marketplace in Honolulu Harbor.

MS Zaandam in Honolulu

Zaandam in Honolulu

Holland America Cruise Line’s MS Zaandam paid Honolulu a port call early yesterday morning. She is one of the frequent cruise ships that sail in and out of the islands during the fall and winter seasons. She was last spotted by this photographer in Honolulu on January 30, 2011.

MS Zaandam is 777 ft. long, weighs more than 61,300 tons, has 10 decks and can carry up to 1,432 passengers. She has a crew contingent of 615. Top cruising speed is 23 knots or 26 mph.

She leaves Honolulu at 2300 hours tonight. Her next stop is Nawiliwili, Kauai.

Previous photos of MS Zaandam in Hawaii:

MS Zaandam 1-30-2011

Honolulu, January 30, 2011.

Holland America's Zaandam

Spotted in Hilo, October 2010.