Morning at Magic Island

One of my favorite places to be is at Magic Island in the early morning hours and late afternoon. It is always a pleasure to walk around the park.  While it can seem mundane to see this every day, it still presents opportunities to engage in photography. It is even more engaging when you are walking around testing a new camera.

All of  the photos taken for this post were shot with my new Google Pixel 4A smartphone camera. It is a nice smartphone within a reasonable budget limit. It has a decent rear facing camera that take pretty good photos IMO. One of the main reasons for me getting the Pixel 4A is to continue to use Google Photos for a few more years without incurring a storage hit for new photos that I upload to the service. Google Pixel phones are allowed to use the “free unlimited photos” tier for the lifetime of the device.

It certainly won’t help when I take pictures with other cameras in my arsenal. However it will be a good everyday camera to use for casual snapshots. I hope you enjoy these photos. Hopefully I will be making more posts like this going forward at this site. Aloha! MEL

Magic Island Ala Moana Park - Diamond Head
The classic Diamond Head shot that I have done from this location many times. All photos in this series were taken with the Google Pixel 4a smartphone.
Cassia Grandis - Flowering Tree
According to the Google Lens app, this flowering tree is called Cassia grandis. It is quite common in many areas of Honolulu. It is an imported species.
Magic Island Ala Moana Beach Park
Clouds in the sunny, sunny sky. June 2, 2021.
Morning Serenity in urban Honolulu
Morning serenity in our urban environment. Magic Island 6-2-2021
Magic Island Ala Moana Beach Park
The morning sunlight makes for good shooting conditions at this park. 6-2-2021
Hawaii Files Blog - Magic Island - June 2, 2021
Cassia grandis blossoms add decorative color to the urban landscape.
Small Surf Waves - Magic Island, Honolulu HI
Small incoming waves. Magic Island near the end of the Ewa side walkway.
Magic Island - Ala Moana Beach Park
Tides were low and flat for the morning. Ala Moana Beach Park is popular for swimmers, paddle-boarders and farther out from shore, surfers.


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