Crashed on the Rocks

Here’s something you don’t see every day. The place: Magic Island Lagoon at Ala Moana Beach Park. What? This boat was sailing for the first time under a new owner from the Sand Island area to the Ala Way Boat Harbor early yesterday (June 13) morning when it ran aground on the retaining wall of rocks boarding the lagoon.

So now it has been stuck there for more than 24 hours. The owner was the only person onboard when the accident happened. He was not injured and swam the short distance to shore.

While I was there taking pictures of this in the morning, two coast guard men were walking on the beach inspecting the wreck. They told me that there is a big spike or something that penetrated the hull and that the vessel is definitely taking on water. Fortunately so far it is stuck in shallow water so it probably won’t sink until someone decides how to remove and salvage the wreck.

News reports said there is/was 47 gallons of fuel on board. It is unknown at this writing if the fuel was removed. It would be a disaster if the fuel seeped into the ocean and onto the beach.

Seat cushions from boat wreck washed up on the beach.

Magic Island Beach Lagoon is a very popular swimming beach for local people.

The ship in the background is the SOS Minnow which may be there to help with salvage operations.

Below: KHON TV News Report on the grounding.


Additional photos taken this morning shows that the boat has broken up more and have slipped into the lagoon side of the beach. The City & County Dept. of Parks and Recreation closed Magic Island Beach Park to swimming on the “makai” end… meaning the entire area where these photos were taken.

Beach closed. Do not enter.

A morning surfer defies the barrier.

Waves have pushed the boat into the lagoon side of the retaining wall. It has capsized and is more than half submerged.




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