Turkish Man Arrested After Plane Arrives in Hawaii


The security issue that arose on an incoming flight to Hawaii from Los Angeles International Airport raises the question “why did authorities in L.A. allow this passenger to board the plane”?

Here’s the skinny.

Turkish passenger Anil T. Uskanil was arrested shortly after American Airlines Flight 31 landed at Honolulu International Airport yesterday. He allegedly tried to breach the airliner’s cockpit or exit doors about 4 hours into the 6 hour long flight. Passengers and flight crew successfully subdued him.

Before the plane left L.A., Uskanil breached the passenger holding area at the airport and was apprehended. He was charged with a “trespassing misdemeanor” for trying to get into an area that led to the ramp. Shortly after, he was released and allowed on board Flight 31.

The big question here is why was Uskanil allowed to board the flight after breaching security at the airport? Couldn’t authorities have just arrested and jailed him? Uskanil should not have been allowed to board the Hawaii flight after the airport incident. The safety of everyone on board was at risk.

Security procedures of this type need to be reviewed and a pre-emptive policy set in place.

You would think with all of the enhanced security that was implemented after the 9-11 disaster, authorities would know not to let people like this board flights.

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Top photo of American Airlines A-321 from Flickr by 320-ROC.

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